Konrad's journal of Highpower Rifle Competition

"Mental Focus. Not Equipment Hocus Pocus."

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The Equipment that I use

These are the various pieces of equipment that I take to the firing line with me.


Rifle with Sling

Lower receiver: Rock River Arms NM lower

Trigger: Geissele.

Upper receiver: White Oak Precision

Barrel is any decent stainless steel match barrel

Rear sight: 1/4 moa elevation x 1/4 moa windage

Rear aperture diameter: 0.040"

Front post width: 0.052"

The sling is just a normal cotton web sling purchased from any number of sources. Some are more frayed than others and some have a little mold on them. They are regularly replaced.

Spotting Scope with Stand

Spotting scope: Kowa TSN-821M

Stand: Ewing

Shooting Coat

Creedmoor all leather highpower coat. This coat fits me well and is very comfortable.


Armato shooting mat. I've had this mat since 1998 and really like it. It's well padded and easy to roll up.


Champion Shooter's Supply stool. I like this stool because the opening can be unzipped to allow a large opening into the stool. This lets me set the stool up on my right side to catch brass in prone.

The only improvement would be if the main compartment was split in two.

Offhand Ammo Holder

I bought this back in the late '90's and I can't remember where. It's made by Fields Custom Leather Slings of Oregon.

Ear Plugs

My wife is an Audiologist. She made impressions of my ears and had these ear plugs made. Yellow is left and green is right.

Shooting Glasses

Junkers shooting glasses from I.S.S. in Texas. Only the right lens has any correction. The left lens is just plain glass with a metal blinder.

Data Book

I like this nylon portfolio from Creedmoor. They also make the aluminum clipboard. The data sheets themselves are self-created.


Anshutz glove. The glove is replaced every year because they begin to smell during the course of the season.